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  • SCS On The Road - Scania Museum Tour
    por Alex el 23/09/2023 a las 15:04

    We're returning to Europe in the latest episode of our SCS On The Road series. Earlier this year, we had the privilege of taking a trip to Södertälje, Sweden, where we were able to visit the world-famous Scania Museum! From its early beginnings on the rails, to making their way onto the roads, […]

  • Dynamic Billboards - Swift Transportation
    por Dareus el 22/09/2023 a las 15:00

    After our first experiment featuring a giant of the American logistics industry on our in-game dynamic billboards, we are now opening this opportunity to yet another huge logistics company: Swift Transportation.Swift Transportation is a renowned and long-established transportation company with a […]

  • West Balkans - New Cargoes to Haul
    por Alex el 21/09/2023 a las 15:00

    With new roads and countries comes new cargoes to haul too! Our team has created these new loads in connection with some of the new industries you'll find in our upcoming West Balkans DLC. However, these won't be limited to just the DLC area, as all Euro Truck Simulator 2 players will be able to […]

ProMods Blog Map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • An Update on Canada’s Progress And Future Plans
    por Stummer el 11/07/2023 a las 14:28

    It’s been over a year since we last updated ProMods Canada with new content. We understand and share the sentiment that progress in ProMods Canada has been slow. As a small team with limited resources, we acknowledge that we cannot change this reality overnight. While we’re still a while away […]

  • ProMods survey results
    por ScuL el 19/06/2023 a las 05:44

    Towards the end of 2022 we published a request on our website with a link to a survey. We did this to better understand your experiences with ProMods and what you would like to see for the future. On the basis of these survey results we have prepared some changes, and some new experiences for The […]

  • Introducing ProMods: The Great Steppe – Out now!
    por Stummer el 25/02/2023 a las 21:56

    The first version of ProMods: The Great Steppe has been released! But what exactly is The Great Steppe and what does it add? Fear not, for all shall be answered in this blog. What is The Great Steppe? The Great Steppe is a map mod first released in 2017 that covers a significant chunk of The post […]

TruckersMP News TruckersMP News - What is going on?

  • Patron & Supporters Convoy - Saturday 30th September 2023
    el 17/09/2023 a las 15:00

    Greetings truckers! Are you prepared for our Supporters Convoy? Similarly to our previous supporter events, patrons, Nitro Boosters and Twitch subscribers will all be able to join us on this lovely scenic route throughout Romania! Join us on Saturday 30th September 2023 at 17:00 UTC. (Alternative […]

  • Update to our Game Moderation Strategy
    el 01/09/2023 a las 15:00

    Greetings players, Over the last few years, our core game moderation strategy has remained largely the same, with reports being taken both in-game, and also through our dedicated website report system. This has been with the pledge that every website report will be handled, which in doing so, takes […]

  • Exploring the New Chat System
    el 21/08/2023 a las 12:45

    Howdy TruckersMP community! We are excited to share some news with you all, our Development team have been working hard, and we are delighted to present the new and improved chat system - now available on TruckersMP! What's New? Though the new chat system retains the familiar TruckersMP style, it […]

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